In Spring 2020 many people across the world faced a financial crisis as the coronavirus lockdown took effect.  Live music venues closed with many musicians being effected, events, workshop leaders and many in our industry are facing a crisis with no help from the government, often falling outside their models of support.

Wonderland is responding by bringing together Into the Wild Festival, Wider Horizons and Aniwa to create an amazing weekend of music, talks, workshops, storytelling and lots more.  

 We hope that by contributing to this event, we can share the proceeds with artists, musicians, the various speakers, organisations and  Indigenous peoples so we can continue to pay our rents and put food on the table.

 It is our intention that the Festival also creates a potent sense of solidarity and community, showcasing the power of authentic and intimate creative offerings to soothe our souls and reflect our emotions  at a time of great uncertainty. 

We originally thought of creating a ticketing system but on reflection would rather offer the festival on a donation basis, so that anyone can join in and its available to people all over the world.

We thank you so much for anything you offer and know you are helping so many people far and wide in ways you cant even imagine.

Thank you!

Wonderland crew